Increase Your Fixed Operations Profitability Helping to Drive the Sales of Auto Businesses

Improving Auto Companies’ Business Performance

Identifying Every Area Of Your Fixed Operations Core Numbers, From Gross Profit To Expenses, All At A Glance.
Improving performance and ultimately your bottom line for Auto Dealerships Fixed Operations Departments.

So how do you build and maintain a strong Service and Parts Department? How do you increase the Gross Profit EVERY month?

At A Glance How we increase your Fixed Operations profitability

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is John Holzermer, I am a retired 49-year experienced Fixed Operation Director and owner of Dealer AFR. I have a system that has made owners over the years millions of dollars, and I am now ready to share my system with the rest of the industry. This system is so impactful to a Dealership and so cost efficient every service and parts department can benefit.

Most common operation codes get built and never get updated leaving thousands of dollars left un-collected. See example in the 1st box. What could the impact be with accurate operation codes and implementing family parts pricing? I have a system designed for you to 1st build all your operation codes with my team’s guidance of course. Once complete this worksheet become yours to utilize for updating and adding additional codes as needed.


Our system works in two parts, combined with building all your common operation codes, we guide you through building packages. Building packages designed for the Service Advisors to present to the customers on a custom-built placemat will give all your customers the same message at time of write up and gives the customer options to bundle and save on their vehicle service needs. See example in 2nd box.


Having a strong system is so important to the growth of the fixed operation department. This system is ready for your Dealership to implement without costing you thousands of dollars. My goal is to simply bring my years’ experience to your team through my worksheets and knowledge.

What makes this so great for Dealerships is our team has already done all the behind the scenes work for you with proven results, so you get to SAVE TIME AND MONEY with our proven system.

Currently this system is being utilized in several dealerships in California, Arizona, and Texas with phenomenal results.
Thank you!

John Holzermer
Phone: (951) 458-0058 Contact us to setup a time for our team to do a short 15-minute presentation for your team.