Increase Your Fixed Operations Profitability Helping to Drive the Sales of Auto Businesses

Improving Auto Companies’ Business Performance

As the industry changes drastically more revenue is lost from inaccurate common operation codes or even those common codes needed for today’s high technology vehicles you don’t have time to create.

Simple download the show me the money worksheet with guides for each individual area in brackets (5) for you to follow. I try to keep it very conservative for you so as not to over exaggerate the program simply enter your data to see the impact it could possibly be.

The Dealer AFR program has an impact on your service and parts gross profit approximately $10,000 a month per service advisor in as quick as 30 days from implementation.

The best part of this program is that we have already done all the behind the scenes work so we could have you up and running very quickly and possibly subsidized through your chemical company.

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