Increase Your Fixed Operations Profitability Helping to Drive the Sales of Auto Businesses

Improving Auto Companies’ Business Performance

Identifying Every Area Of Your Fixed Operations Core Numbers, From Gross Profit To Expenses, All At A Glance.
Improving performance and ultimately your bottom line for Auto Dealerships Fixed Operations Departments.

So how do you build and maintain a strong Service and Parts Department? How do you increase the Gross Profit EVERY month?

At A Glance How we increase your Fixed Operations profitability

Attention: Dealerships
Increase your service & parts gross profit without any additional technicians or increased service drive traffic and won’t cost you thousands of dollars and a return on your investment in less than 5 working days in the month.

No matter HOW GOOD your Service and Parts departments our doing the Dealer AFR program will increase you an estimate of about $4,000 - $8,000 a month per Service Advisor depending on their experience and open to change,

Many Dealerships leave thousands of dollars by inaccurate priced common fast-moving Parts and Labor Operation codes that never get updated causing your service advisors the need to discount the service or even worse unhappy customers.

Our program is designed for your management team to design family pricing on all your fast-moving parts and to accurately price all your common Labor Operation codes that feed all the other systems utilized in a DMS or CRM for increase gross profits and consistency though out the dealership.

  1. Analyze bulk oil pricing and see if bulk kits can be utilized.
  2. Family price all your common parts used in services.
  3. Develop service packages to present to your customer on your initial write-up.
  4. Optimize all your standard operation codes for accurate prices.
  5. Create all your point-of-sale materials (Custom placemat)
  6. Build a QR code capable of menu presentation, video library common services and set appointment.
  7. Update DMS and CRM.

Currently this system is being utilized in several dealerships in California, Arizona, and Texas with phenomenal results.

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